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and exporters of

henna products

Offering natural hair products for better quality and nourishment.

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Kirpal Export Overseas Profile
Kirpal Export Overseas (KEO) is a well reputed and well established manufacturer and exporter of high class Henna based hair colors. We believe in manufacturing our products as per global standards in quality and specifications. Our manufacturing unit, Arshia Enterprises, is engaged in manufacturing of superior quality henna products by using traditional methods. Our products are comparable both in terms
of quality and price range with the best in the industry.

Our clients are of the highest priority for us and our production activities ensure that the clients and customers are satisfied with what we offer. This is ensured through continuous up-gradation in the techniques of production and the use of innovative technologies in our manufacturing processes.

Keo Specializes in the development & manufacturing of a wide range of henna hair colors, personal care herbal & Ayurvedic products for Hair, Skin and Body, Indian herbs, Certified Organic herbals & herbal Extracts backed by 10 years of intensive research in India and abroad. Henna manufacturers, Henna exporters.

We are one of the well-known manufacturers & exporters of henna and henna based hair dyes. Ever since the foundation of our company, we have been the front runners in distributing age-old treasures of henna to the whole world. We are one of the oldest run companies and currently the fifth generation of our family is running the business. The management side is looked after by educated and trained young team of dedicated workers.

We procure superior quality henna leaves from regions that are most ideal for henna production and from the farms that are cultivated using traditional farming methods. Our rigorous grinding and sieving process makes very fine and superior quality henna powder. It is not surprising that we are one of the largest exporters of henna powder.

We believe in good long-standing business association with all our customers. Today, we have multi-production units in India manufacturing superior quality henna and related products that meet high overall standards.

To provide best quality henna at competitive prices and for bulk orders of henna, we provide the best prices. The superior quality of all our products is backed by sustained research and meets all international standards for hair dyes. Our products are upgraded through continuous research keeping in mind the changing international standards.

Kirpal Export Overseas Our Products
Our products include natural henna powder and henna based hair dyes available in numerous colors including black henna, Ayurveda cosmetics, herbal cosmetics, hair dyes, hair colors, henna hair dyes, henna hair colors, natural henna, Mehndi, henna leaves, henna, henna manufacturers, henna exporters, henna tattoos, henna India, vegetal cosmetics, vegetable cosmetics, Indian herbals, Indian herbs, Indian henna, Ayurveda personal care, Ayurvedic cosmetics, black henna, holistic range, herbal extracts, indigo powder, natural indigo, henna shampoo, olive oil cosmetics, Indian henna, herbal hair colors, herbal henna.

We believe and practice Karma's theory (theory of action) that is based on maintaining a harmonious relationship at every front of life while fairly fulfilling duties towards the society and self. This philosophy encourages us to maintain high quality and strict delivery schedules to successfully cater to the clients' requirements.

Research and development assumes utmost importance in our quest for products of relevance that retain their inherent unique characteristics. Controlled innovation has helped in new product development that help us raise our standards constantly. At our R&D facility basic research, product development and tests are conducted, apart from the standardized procedures. Leading research institutes and experts in various fields join hands in perfecting systems.

Quality Control :
Our responsibility towards the society and science translates to achieving products of superior quality. In achieving it, we have set benchmarks at every stage of the production process.

Quality assurance methods are adopted for evaluating over 500 raw materials that are used. Streamlined processing is done under the supervision of experts to ensure processing quality.

Modern and traditional analytical skills are put to use in testing quality worthiness and shelf life of the products, which are periodically rechecked. Last but not the least, the customer values the therapeutic qualities of a product most.

We always carry out extensive clinical trials. We pride in our greatest asset acquired about one decade of dedication to Herbals the goodwill, through superior quality products.

Packaging :
We have complete filling & Packing line to pack the product under hygienic conditions. We can pack our any product in any size of packing ranges 5 ml to 50/ 200 kg.

We can also fill tubes, bottles, jars, pots, pouches etc.

Private Labeling :
We also offer our customers the facility of "Private Labeling"; wherein they can market our thoroughly tested and superior quality products, under the desired brand name. This labeling can be done as per buyer specification, budget, including changes in material composition, choice of container & packaging sizes etc.

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