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Kirpal Export Overseas What is Natural Henna?


India is well known throughout world for its herbal wealth and moreover India is the birth place of Ayurveda (system of herbal medicine). The potential of Indian herbs can be gauged from the fact that India is the highest producer of Medicinal herbs in the world only second to China . It is no denying the fact that Indian herbs are the most sought after herbs in the world due to their organic quality, purity and lowest costs of cultivation.

Himalayas in the north, Aravalis in the Southern and Central India are the greatest reserves of Medicinal reserves in India .

'Henna' (Lawsonia inermis, syn. L. alba) is a flowering plant, the sole species in the genus Lawsonia in the family Lythraceae.

It is native to tropical and subtropical regions of Africa, southern Asia and northern Australasia with an fruit is a dry capsule 6-8 mm diameter, containing numerous 1-2.5 mm seeds. There is much speculation as to the first origin of the use of henna.

What is known for sure is that henna has been used as a cosmetic, as well as for its supposed healing properties for at least 5000 years.

Centuries of migration and cultural interaction has made it difficult to determine with absolute certainty where the tradition began. Some scholars claim that the earliest documentations of henna use were found in ancient Indian texts and images, indicating that mehandi as an art-form may have originated in ancient India .

Others, however, state that the use of henna was taken to India by the Moguls in the 12th Century, centuries after use in the Middle East and North Africa. Still others insist that the tradition of mehandi originated in North Africa and the Middle Eastern countries during ancient times.

Henna use has also been documented in ancient Egypt, where it is known to have been used to stain the fingers and toes of the Pharaohs prior to mummification. It is also possible that the similar use of henna for skin decoration in these regions arose independently and perhaps simultaneously, and this could account for the difficulty in pinpointing an exact birthplace of mehandi art.

Natural Henna

Natural Henna Natural henna powder is extensively used for body decorations. This provide deep burnt and dark brown color on the place where applied. It is widely used to get temporary tattoo. It provides light to deep color as per the usage, the longer durations applied provide deep and dark color and short duration provide light color. .

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Mr. Sunny in Keo Henna Field
Kirpal Export Overseas
Mr. Sunny with Farmers in
Keo Henna Field

The natural henna is free from any additives and provides excellent coloring effect. It is also used for hair dying as it provides brownish red hue. Owing to its long lasting effect and safe usage, it is widely preferred by large numbers of clients. It is free from any side effect and available in all standard sized packaging as per the precise requirements. It is perfectly safe and has no ill effects, which is the main reason for its popularity. India is one of the major producers of Henna.

Neutral Henna

Neutral Henna is an excellent conditioner. Application of henna invariably gives a reddish tinge to the hair colour. To avoid this, a special form of Henna powder-Neutral Henna is formulated which conditions the hair and makes it soft, shiny and also adds volume. Hair treated with henna bounces with health. Neutral henna is also used for placing on the tombstones at graves as a benediction.

Henna Paste

Natural, Black & Colored Henna Paste - Henna paste is finely processed using best quality natural additives and extensively used to beautify the body parts. It comes in tubes with an applicator nozzle. These are available with natural henna powder, mehandi oil, water and preservative. Demands of the body tattoos are increasing day by day and owing to this, it is also available in different shades including blue, green, black, violet, indigo, yellow, orange and red colors. This product also contains some chemicals for dark deep color, so before applying this, sensitivity test is very necessary.

Henna Powder (Body Art)

Henna powder (body art) is done by experts on hands and feet, with various attractive and alluring patterns using beautiful designs.It is an ancient tradition of Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. To get dark color it is applied for longer durations sometimes for overnight durations also. Further, its color last up to four to five weeks. It is processed using best quality natural additives and under strict hygienic conditions.

The designs are then left to set overnight, and the end result is a beautiful deep reddish brown pattern on the skin, which will last up to four weeks, fading naturally.

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Hair Care with Henna Powder

The hair is one of the most important factors, which contributes to beauty and personal appearance. To look and feel good about your hair is very important for all round health. Here are some ideas for hair health and hair care.

Henna is used as a dye , particularly in hair colouring , The dye is extracted from the dried leaf and petioles of the plant.

Some Major Benefits of Henna :
  • Boosts hair growth
  • Treats dandruff
  • Aids restful sleep
  • Therapeutic and calming
  • Detoxifying
  • Soothes headaches, aches, and pains
  • Cools scalp and skin & reduces temperature
  • Fights infection


Fragrant Henna has many facets to its enchanting side. Apart from being considered auspicious, it is a symbol of age old Indian traditions. Henna is popular for it's natural values, colouring and cooling effect, and pleasant fragrance. In homes, the green henna leaves are gathered and then dried in the shade. Finely grounded powder is mixed with water to make a paste. This paste is applied on hands in beautiful patterns and then left to dry, resulting in a deep red colour, which leaves you mesmerised with its sheer charm.

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Keo Natural Henna
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Keo Indigo Fields

Henna Body Art Quality

Henna Body Art Quality
Henna Body Art Quality

Natural Henna Powder

Natural Henna Powder for body decoration is triple sifted and is very fine. No particle remains to clog the Henna application tool. It leaves a dark brown or deep burnt - orange temporary tattoo. The color and intensity will vary depending on what part of the body it is used and how long it is applied.

Henna in pure form without any additives is known as natural henna. Natural henna also has colouring effect , but the colour is not very deep. Dyeing with natural henna produces a brownish red hue. It is perfectly safe and has no ill effects, which is the main reason for its popularity. India is one of the major producers of Henna.

Natural Henna Powder
Natural Henna Powder

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